“Bill of Mom”

17 May 2016

The “Bill of Mom”

  1. Every action and word I take will be guided by what is best for my child.
  2. I will remember that this child did not ask to be in the situation of having additional parents and homes, and so it is my highest responsibility to them to create a home of equal love, concern, involvement, and respect as I would a biological child.
  3. I will only enter this relationship once I have accepted, acknowledged, and freed myself of emotional ties to the past that brought them to my home and life.
  4. I will be a most positive force for this child and for moms like me everywhere who are also hoping to bring light to these blended families.
  5. I will respect all other parents, grandparents, and family that this child has with the understanding that love is not a zero sum game, and there is enough love to go around.
  6. I will be the guiding example of this act of unconditional and endless love to my children and to those around me.
  7. I will remember to be proud of the traditions and bonds and impact I am having on my child, and realize that they are important and worthy.
  8. I will show up, even when it is hard.
  9. I will show my child what a healthy family looks like by loving their parent that I married, and extend my vows to them.
  10. I will be happy.


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