Jun 2016

This isn’t the Olympics-Home Versus Home and how to deal

by, Laura at WAM Competition can lend itself to healthy habits of good self-esteem and goal setting. However, when competition is displaced within blended families, unhealthy divisions are created. Competition between parents within the blended family structure occurs frequently because the roles of parents, both bio and blended, are often challenged by one another. For example, the location of where one parent feels their child...

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May 2016

“Bill of Mom”

The “Bill of Mom” Every action and word I take will be guided by what is best for my child. I will remember that this child did not ask to be in the situation of having additional parents and homes, and so it is my highest responsibility to them to create a home of equal love, concern, involvement, and respect as I would a biological...

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bright picture of hugging mother and daughter


May 2016

Welcome to and Vote!!!

My name is Lisa, and I am a mother of three, two blended, one bio. I have raised my children for ten years now with all of the love, attention, effort, sacrifice, and hard work of any biological mom. Blended families operate best for the family, mother, and children when given the support internally and externally to operate as a traditional family unit.  When the...

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