08 Jun 2016

Katie was raised in South Carolina and after living in other states for over a decade, she decided to come back to work and live. Katie was married in 2009 to her best friend, Eric, who was the awesome dad of two strapping boys, ages four and six years old, when she came into their lives. Once Eric was sure Katie was to be his wife he was extremely encouraging of the relationship between she and his boys. He made sure that their time together was involved and fun and he allowed her to be a disciplinarian in their lives when needed. He knew he wanted and needed her help! Because of Eric’s support and encouragement, Katie is a very active mom. She participates in school activities, runs all carpooling, attends all sporting events, and cooks all family meals amongst other roles. Her family has been through all stages of custody battles. Katie and wants to help other moms find their place in their families so that all are bettered by a whole family experience. Her boys are now 13 and 15 years old; she and Eric have no biological children together.



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