20 Jul 2016

My name is Lisa, and I am a mom of three children, two sons (16 and 5) and a daughter (16).  I believe that families operate best as a traditional family unit, and that all are strengthened when the blended family operates this way.  My husband, Mike, and I began this journey 10 years ago and have forged a new path in the way blended families function.  From day 1, we took the position that everyone in our home was an equally valued and needed and LOVED member.  So we removed the “step”, and are just a normal family.  We have been so proud to see our kids grow under this new model, and are committed to helping other moms and families like us do the same.  We believe that love it love…regardless of how you got here.  Please join us as we Move Familes Forward.

With love and respect,


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